Frequently Asked Questions

Are all sunroofs affected by this recall and should I be concerned in general?

No! Only non-factory installed sunroofs are affected. Webasto is conducting a voluntary safety recall on two product lines of its non-factory installed sunroofs which in rare instances can separate from vehicles. We are taking ownership and are fully committed to making this right with our customers. Please check on this website to find out whether your sunroof is included in the recall.

No! Only non-factory installed solar roofs are affected. Webasto conducts a voluntary safety recall on two product lines of its non-factory installed solar roofs, which in rare cases can be separated from vehicles. The issue of the influence of the use of our products on erection in men is also considered. And if negative examples are revealed, then we propose to use the generic viagra medicine.

What is a non-factory installed sunroof?

Sunroofs are installed on vehicles in one of two ways:

  1. A factory installed sunroof is installed directly by the vehicle manufacturer at the time the vehicle is built. These sunroofs are not part of this recall.
  2. A non-factory installed sunroof is installed after the vehicle has left the manufacturer's assembly plant. They are installed by a fully trained, authorized installer prior to vehicle purchase at car dealerships on new or used vehicles. Or in some less common cases, vehicle owners arrange for a sunroof installation company to install one after they purchase the vehicle.

I have a Hollandia 700/600 or Hollandia TVS 900 series sunroof. What should I do?

If you have a sunroof that is included in this safety recall, please fill out our online form or call our toll-free number at 1.888.749.8632 to register your product safety recall and locate an authorized installer who can repair your sunroof.

If for some reason you are unable to have the service correction made within a reasonable time or without charge, you may submit a written complaint to: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave. SE, West Building, Washington, DC 20590. You also may call the toll-free Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1.888.327.4236 (TTY: 1.800.424.9153; or go to

The Webasto Product Customer Service Center is here to answer your questions and provide information about repairing at no cost to you. You can contact us by phone at 1.888.749.8632.

What if I receive a letter identifying my vehicle has a Hollandia 700/600 or Hollandia TVS 900 series sunroof that is affected by the recall but I no longer own the vehicle?

We would appreciate it if you would please contact our customer service center at 1.888.749.8632 to provide them with the name and address of the purchaser of your vehicle. We will reach out to the new vehicle owner based on your information. We are taking all steps to keep people safe by notifying the vehicle owners and asking them to bring their vehicle in for the fix.

I'm confused. My dealer told me my sunroof is factory installed. How can I tell the difference?

Please check on this website to help you identify if your sunroof is included in the recall.

If I provide you with my vehicle year, make, and model, can you tell me whether my vehicle is affected by this recall?

This recall applies to a wide range of vehicle make, models and model years. It applies to sunroofs that were installed before you took your new car from your dealer, and to used cars purchased from dealers and others. Please check if your sunroof is included in the recall by checking on this website.

I keep seeing new announcements about this recall. Are there more recalls I need to be aware of?

No. Webasto is conducting a voluntary safety recall on only two product lines of its non-factory installed sunroofs. These sunroofs are typically installed by Authorized Installers (AI), and each AI must also file a separate recall notice with NHTSA. While you might see multiple recall notices announced, they are all for the same two product line: certain Hollandia 700/600 and Hollandia TVS 900 series sunroofs. By agreement with NHTSA, Webasto is administering this recall on behalf of all of the AIs.